BIOBOX-Std Pre & Probiotic Monthly Subscription

BIOBOX-Std Pre & Probiotic Monthly Subscription

60.00 every month

The Probiotic Box is for anyone interested in gut health. We help you seed & grow your beneficial gut bacteria.

We do all the research to determine which premium pre & probiotics are most beneficial to you. We then rotate the combination of pre & probiotics weekly. Then monthly we deliver all of this in an easy to use BioBox.



This box saves you the hassle of having to research different pre& probiotics, as we have our experts compile the best of pre & probiotics for you and your gut.

Each week we switch the pre & probiotics for you. Each month we save you time by putting all of it in one easy to use BioBox.

It’s proven that switching your pre & probiotics has great benefits. More importantly, matching the right prebiotic to the right probiotic creates the idea seed & grow combination for your gut.

We use a multitude of products from only premium companies that have unique offerings for your health and to promote a healthier gut.

The Seeding Process

Seeding your gut increases the right type of bacteria we wish to promote by using products from the following companies:

  • Jarrow

  • Custom Probiotics

  • Puretherapro RX

  • Klaire Labs

  • Organic 3

  • Elixa

  • Natural Stacks

  • Seeking Health

  • Lifted Naturals

The Feeding Process

We then pair the right prebiotic to Feed your gut for beneficial bacteria to stay healthy and prosperous. This not only maintains a healthier gut, but also promotes the growth of essential bacterial colonies.

We can do this by utilizing products from:

  • Healthy Tummy Care

  • Holigos

  • Bimuno

  • Vital Proteins

  • Fourth and Heart

NOTE: If you are currently experiencing gut issues we do not recommend this subscription. We recommend you order the Viome test and consultation with - Based on your specific results & conditions we can create a custom subscription for you. Please call us.