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Sulfide Gas Restoration Kit

Sulfide Gas Restoration Kit


During normal digestive processes, by-products such as gases are produced from the metabolism done by resident microbes of the gastrointestinal tract, but most notably from colonic gut bacteria.

Although most of these gases, present in flatus, are odorless (hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and methane), sulfur-cotaining gases emit an offensive odor, likened to the smell of “rotten eggs.” This could be used as a measure of digestive health and diet. H 2 S is a gasotransmitter, in addition to carbon monoxide and nitric oxide, which is involved in inflammation gut motility, oxidative stress, ulcer healing, vascular tone, neuromodulation, cytoprotection, memory formation, hormone secretion, apoptosis and many other vital biological functions. Although H 2 S is found in many tissues, the gastrointestinal tract serves as one of the major sites for H 2 S production.

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