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Oxalates Metabolism Restoration Kit

Oxalates Metabolism Restoration Kit


Oxalates (salts of oxalic acid) are naturally occurring compounds that both our body produces and are in many of the foods that we consume daily.

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Daily adult oxalate intake is usually 80-120 mg/d; it can range from 44-1000 mg/d in individuals who eat a typical Western diet.  Our body produces oxalic acid through the metabolism of vitamin C (cadmium can accelerate this metabolism) and during the Krebs cycle when oxaloacetate is hydrolyzed to oxalate and acetic acid by the enzyme oxaloacetase within our mitochondria.

In addition, if you consume ethylene glycol during its metabolism when glycolic acid is dehydrogenated, oxalic acid is also formed. Our kidneys metabolize oxalates and express them into our urine.

Oxalates are formed in plants as a defense mechanism to keep other animals, fungi, and insects from wanting to consume the plant. Plants also form oxalates to protect itself from metal toxicity from the soil (phytoremediation) by binding some metals including lead, cadmium, and aluminum. Finally, some mold, including Aspergillus, Penicillium, and possibly Candida, can produce oxalic acid.

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