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Digestive Transformation Package

Digestive Transformation Package


The ULTIMATE package for people truly intent on changing their gut for the better.


  • 1 Viome Kit

  • 4 Hours Of John Brisson’s Time

  • Free Fix Your Gut eBook (John Brisson)

  • Supplement Guide eBook (John Brisson)

This package is only for those wanting the best and wanting to unlock their life from within.

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The Digestive Transformation Package

No Joke

In todays world, more and more is coming to light about the effects your gut has on just about every aspect of your life & health. No more waiting for the perfect plan, diet, or person to achieve ultimate health. Make your own plan with the Viome Gut Test, and learn about the test with your consultation call with John Brisson (a world renowned expert in gut health).


No Two Guts Are The Same

Benefits way beyond your imagination are lying at your fingertips now with advances in science & technology. Take the guesswork out of health, and out of your gut.

The Digestive Transformation Package


The Next Level

The Digestive Transformation Package was made with one and only one goal in mind… your health. Viome is a great start, but now you can get access to John who will make that information more effective by helping you understand the results more. It’s customization and personalization taken to a whole new level.

Your Journey To Healthier Living


We can guide you through your whole journey from beginning to end by offering add on services separate from Viome that will allow you to achieve the ultimate gut health. Our BIOBOX kits will also be of great importance and help to you in your health journey and goals.