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Digestive Efficiency Restoration Kit

Digestive Efficiency Restoration Kit


VIOME” - This score is a comprehensive microbial reflection of your Gastrointestinal (GI) tract functions. The score consists of multiple activity patterns related to digestion, such as the movement of food, specific macronutrient breakdown ability, and your gut lining health from your first bite of food to the time it leaves your body. When this score needs improvement or is suboptimal, it means that some of your digestive functions need support.

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The digestive process is a complex and dynamic system. As indicated in a number of energetic losses during the digestive process influence the proportion of dietary energy available for metabolism. 

Combustible gases, mainly produced by fermentation, can account for a substantial portion of what is assumed to be "available" based on nutrients consumed. Heat produced during the fermentation process is another energy loss presumed available for metabolism when apparent digestive efficiency is a measure of absorbed energy. 

Digestibility can be obtained by several approaches and is based upon apparent digestibility, and consideration not given to energy exchange in the digestive tract other than fecal energy.

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