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+ Why Should I Use This?

The benefits of Pro & Prebiotics are starting to become more mainstream and popular among those who are taking their health to a new level. You should switch up both Pro & Prebiotics to promote a healthier gut by giving your gut differentiated bacteria that it needs.

+ What's Wrong With The Probiotics I'm Taing Now?

Often times the Probiotics in stores are single strain and not enough to promote true gut change. They are mainly to replenish the ones you may have lost during a treatment, but don't do much beyond that.

+ How many days will the Kit last?

The BIOBOX Probiotic Kit will be a monthly subrscription that rotates Pro & Prebiotics on a weekly basis.

The time you want to be subscribed is up to you, but we recommend a year.

+ Where do you get your products?

We choose our products based on the recommendations of world renowned experts that we have brought in for consulting.