Our Story


Here at Dr. I, we value you and your health, and as a result we create a wide range of products designed to help you and your health.

Our Mission is simple, we aim to provide meaningful data, analysis, products, and knowledge to unlock life from within.

We specialize in making your Health Wealth™ increase while also helping you understand your body more. Our unique proposition to you is the fact we not only have a large assortment of products we use to gain data for you, but also give it to you in a manner in which you can fully understand it all.

Dr. I and all other companies within started with Eric and Roger Colburn, a father and son company, when Eric burnt his hands and his father giving him supplements to help heal quicker. This was the beginning of something they both feel very passionately about.

Previously, Roger Colburn was CEO and founder of multiple companies in the tech world including WaspBarcode, Systemid, System3x, and Informatics, Inc.