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DRI develops tools for creating and manipulating completely original, customized and fully functional currencies. Ask us about what we can do for your local enterprise, online store, or organization. 


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The future need not be feared, but embraced.

The future need not be feared, but embraced.

Money, currency, capital, credit. It has many names but only one use: our tool for exchange. And as important as money is, it’s unfortunately not well understood by most people, to their peril. 

As representative of the actual value of things in the world, money has no value in itself—the value of money is “borrowed” from the potential things that can be purchased with it. And because there is so much in the world, and so many different people, you would think that money would be as diverse and adjustable as the agreements we make with one another every day. 

But it’s not. 

Change is coming to money, and fast.


Personal Currency: The Future of Money
By Roger Colburn, Alex Riegelmann

Created by Roger Colburn, serial entrepreneur and former CEO of Informatics, Inc. in Plano, TX. Roger welcomes and does his best to respond to any succinct, professional communication. Feel free to use the form below. 

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